Summer School

“Cultural-Educational Tourism: Travelling Around Taiga Places”

Welcome to an ancient Siberian town Tara!

Excursionist program will give you opportunity:

  1. to walk along ancient provincial town streets, feast your eyes on nice lace of wooden architraves;
  2. to climb the bell-tower of the Spassky Cathedral, gaze the town and its burbs;
  1. to get acquainted both with official history of the town and legends and tall stories about merchants’ mansions and secret underpasses under them, Tara riot and miracle-working icons, construction of churches;
  2. to visit historical and regional natural history museum where numerous exhibits of culture and everyday life of peoples inhabiting Tara district are on display;
  3. to enjoy a rich collection of Siberian artists’ paintings which are in the art gallery;
  4. to turn up in the area of archeological excavations (Perhaps, you might be an eye-witness of one of the underpasses’ discovery).


Tara is a native town of a great Russian actor Michael Ulyanov. You can visit the North Drama Theater named in honour of M. Ulyanov, and it will open its heart for you.

Tara, founded in 1594, had been mentioned many times, beginning with chronicles, tsars’ decrees, Old Russian “Tale of towns Tara and Tyuman” by Savva Esipov, G.F. Miller’s “History of Siberia” and numerous historical essays.

Tara carefully keeps its history in survived landmarked buildings of local and federal significance and you will have a unique opportunity to have a look at merchants’ mansions, two-storied log houses, Spassky Cathedral and … places that used to be the Tea Road. Visitors to our town won’t forget the majestic beauty of the “grey” river Irtysh, a waterway for the first Russian pioneers including Ermak Timofeevich and Tara’s founder – prince Andrey Eletskiy.

Nowadays Tara is proud of its modern attractions: the Ice Arena “Olimp’, the cinema-centre “Aviator”, a magnificent bridge across the river Irtysh, branches of higher educational institutions, local businesses.
 Which urban dweller doesn’t want to have a rest in a quiet place? You can combine the useful with the pleasant in Summer School, organized for instructors of foreign universities and colleges, scientific workers, post-graduate students, graduate students, students giving courses or doing research work in the field of the Russian language and culture. Also we invite all foreign people willing to learn Russian and polish their knowledge of the Russian folk culture. The schedule provides training in different levels (basic, middle, advanced).

Summer School is…

  1. a great chance to learn the Russian language;
  2. acquaintance with the Russian traditional culture;
  3. a chance to improve your knowledge and conversational skills;
  4. communication to native language speakers;
  5. finding new friends, getting an unforgettable experience;
  6. opportunity to admire the beauty of Siberian countryside;
  7. an appeal to the historical past of Siberia, reflected in the legends and traditions;
  8. a course of training consisting of 144 hours (4 credits) of Russian as a foreign language (grammar, listening, speaking and writing).

 The cultural events in the program of Summer School:

  1. sightseeing tours about Tara;
  2. language course;
  3. master classes on singing tradition of the Siberians, folk games, dances, etc.;
  4. discussions in a round table format;
  5. classes in a workshop;
  6. excursions to the centers of traditional folk cultures: Russian (Ekaterininskoye village), Tatar (Bolshie Turala village), Latvian (Bobrovka village), German (Litkovka village).

Training cost - 20 000 rubles (about 400 Euros) includes the following:

  1. training;
  2. accommodation on the basis of the camp in village Atak, Tara district, Omsk region;
  3. meals;
  4. cultural program and excursions;
  5. processing of the territory against tick-borne encephalitis;
  6. interpreter services;
  7. transport services.

According to the results of training the participants receive the certificate!
Conditions of participation in Summer school
For participation in Summer school it is necessary to present the following documents:

  1. application form;
  2. brief biography (CV);
  3. copy of the foreign passport;
  4. medical certificate;
  5. motivation letter;
  6. copy of the diploma, academic transcripts or certificate of secondary education;
  7. vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis.


Deadline for applications – May 15, 2015
Omsk state pedagogical university Campus in Tara.
Office 26, Shkolnaya St., 69,
Tara town, Omsk region
Tel.: +7 38171 26233, +7 38171 23231,
Fax: +7 838171 26125

E-mail: pichteeva@mail.ru

Organizing committee (Word, 26.5 Кб)

Application form (Word, 227.5 Кб)

Program (English & Russian)

В сибире начала работу первая летняя школа "Культурно-образовательный туризм: путешествие по таежным местам"

Июнь 2015